Free data: – thousands of datasets from the UK government is the official portal that releases what the UK government deems of as open data.

The government is opening up its data for other people to re-use. This is only about non-personal, non-sensitive data – information like the list of schools, crime rates or the performance of your council.

At the time of writing it has nearly 20k published datasets available of various qualities and in various formats both pleasant and unpleasant  (xml, csv, pdf, html etc.)  surrounding the following list of topics:

  • Environment
  • Mapping
  • Government Spending
  • Society
  • Government
  • Towns & Cities
  • Health
  • Education
  • Transport
  • Business & Economy

Free data: Yelp “challenge” dataset: 1.6mi reviews, tips, business data

Capture“1.6M reviews and 500K tips by 366K users for 61K businesses
481K business attributes, e.g., hours, parking availability, ambience.
Social network of 366K users for a total of 2.9M social edges.
Aggregated check-ins over time for each of the 61K businesses”

Plus if you’re a student you could win $5000 for playing with it.

Go get it here.